Phat Beetz Youth Pickle n’ Catering Co. CSY

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 Plus salad dressing, pickles, jam, hot sauce, sauces, & so much more….

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  • 1st week of the month pickup
  •  Items to chose from: Ginger BeetDown Kraut, KimChi Kraut, Daikon n’ Radish KimChi, Classic Mustard Seed Kraut, Curtido spicy Kraut, Hellapeno Taqueria Mix (pickled carrots and jalapenos), brined okra, Kale Yeah! Kraut, Dilly Beans (brined spicy green beans, Half Sour Dill Pickles, Cultured Mustard, see entire monthly list here
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*Made by local youth
*Pick the size that works for you! (Small, Medium, Large)
*Pick the items you want in the CSA
*Subscribe  monthly (pick up/delivery is 1st week of every month)
*Return the reusable jar!
*Made with organic and pesticide free produce from Phat Beets Produce network
NOTE: You will get a selection form emailed to within 24 hrs of subscribing