Phat Beets Coffee, Hoodies, T-shirts, Pickled Beetz & Turnips and Vinegars on sale! available for personal shipping, pick up and delivery with your CSA!!!

Purchase a 12 oz. bag of Cafe Panamericano Coffee for ONLY $15!!! Delivered with your CSA!

2015 Feel The Beet! Saturday Farmers Market Grand Opening: Saturday, Jan. 17 (9:30am-2:30pm) 970 Grace Ave 

This delicious coffee is brought to you by Cafe Panamericano. Panamericano coffee is rich in flavor and aroma and supports small-scale, agro-ecological growing practices that provide fair wages for Latin American peasant growers through direct trade, while also working in harmony with the natural environment. Coffee bags are 12 ounces each for $15, and you can order one to be delivered with your CSA on our online store. Or for a fresh cup, find Ana at the our Saturday Farmers Market – only $2.50!


If you want one of these awesome made-in-the-US hoodies or Ts, send an email to to order and we’ll ship it to you! Or, if you have a CSA account with us, you can order it through our web store and it will be delivered with your CSA! If you’d like to order a CSA, visit here! Best part is, FREE SHIPPING with each purchase!

Phat Beets winter hoodies! Comes in Black, size Medium, Large and Extra Large, for all folks!! **$35**


Farmers Market Manager Toveo Hill and his twin bro Toro, vendor for Avalos Farms, rocking the Black Hoodie
Some members of the Phat Beets Crew (left to right: Toveo, Marika, Mickey, Toro, Josh, Kate)
Back of hoodie

Onesies and Baby Ts available in Purple for $15!

Black and Purple Phat Beets T-shirts for **$25** (Available in Medium, Large and Extra Large for Women and Men) 

Phat Beets Ally Jennifer rocking the bok choy and black T
Phat Beets Ally Laura rocking the oranges and purple T

Toro rocking the Phat Beets Purple T (front)
Purple T (back)Toro balling with the Long Sleeve T
Mickey rocking the Extra Large T (and sun screen and a crate of carrots)


“Ginger n’ Orange Phat Beetz” pickled beets and “Turnip ‘dem Beetz” pickled turnips are on sale for $7.50 each! Our pickled beets and turnips come in our special Phat Beets fermentation recipe and style and are deliciously sour!

“Ginger n’ Orange Phat Beetz” and “Turnip dem Beets”

The “Ginger n Orange Beetz” recipe include beets, white vinegar, orange, mustard seed, ginger, garlic, bay leaf, sea salt and thyme*

Our “Turnip dem Beetz” recipe includes turnips, white vinegar, beets, mustard seed, jalepeno, garlic, sea salt and thyme*

(*thyme is grown in Dover Park Youth Market-Garden as part of the Fresh Fellows/Healthy Hearts Food Justice Program).

Phat Beetzz Pickle Company employs youth graduates from the Fresh Fellows/Healthy Hearts Food Justice Program in partnership with the Healthy Hearts Clinic at Children’s Hospital Oakland. The program is lead by Lorena Ramos, a youth graduate from our 1st Fresh Fellows Program in 2010 with assistance from the Phat Beets Produce Kitchen Incubator Program.  This program provides job training, cooking and hands on gardening skills for youth from Alameda County that are at risk of diet related illnesses.

All of the vegetables in our fermented products are organic or pesticide free and come straight from small farmers of color in the Central Valley that we have been sourcing from for over 6 years. Support youth-lead urban agriculture and business ventures by buying our pickled beets! Proceeds from pickle sales go right back into the Healthy Hearts Youth Program. You can purchase them in our web store if you have a CSA, along with t-shirts, hoodies and Costa Rican-style vinegars from Francisco!! If you don’t have a CSA account, you can email to purchase them separately.

Still on SALE! Francisco’s Paradiso Raw Fresh Vinegars ONLY $15 each!


Francisco’s Paradiso Raw Fresh Vinegars! Made from all-natural ingredients from local fruit trees and farmers market produce, these delicious Costa Rican Vinegars come in Banana, Plantain, Moscatel Grape, Cherry, Apple Cider, Red Onion & Garlic and Sauerkraut! Also available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY are small batches of Mango, Pomegranate and Red Grape. All bottles only *$15!* (only some of these vinegars are pictured below).

You can purchase Francisco’s vinegars in our web store if you have a CSA account, and they will be delivered with your CSA! If you don’t have a CSA account, you can email to purchase them separately.

Francisco and his amazing vinegars and other fermented items

Cherry Vinegar

Banana Vinegar

Red Onion and Garlic Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar