North Oakland Restorative Justice Alliance

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The North Oakland Restorative Justice Council is made up of various North Oakland community stakeholders working to address issues of community violence through a land based restorative justice lens.  The Council is made up of members of Bethany Baptist Church, Memorial Tabernacle Church, Growing Together, Phat Beets Produce, the PLACE for Sustainable Living, the Bay Area Youth Empowerment Project, and various neighbors.  The council organizes to support communities dealing with institutional and interpersonal violence in North Oakland and to create a culture and process to curb future violence. This community based project is working at intersection of urban greening and displacement with a focus on building campaigns, initiatives, and practices around community safety and economic development without displacement in Oakland, California through the use of restorative justice.  The work covers but is not limited to the following:


  1. Running programming that engages youth in community art and food production in public spaces through member organization

  2. Hosting restorative justice circles between neighborhood crime prevention councils/neighborhood watch groups and communities affected by displacement and racial profiling to build empathy and bridges for future partnership around violence prevention campaigns

  3. Hosting quarterly community cultural celebrations in public spaces in North Oakland that have populations vulnerable to displacement and where conflict is present using urban greening and art as tools in participatory Restorative Justice healing practices

  4. Hosting monthly community walks “Peace n’ Justice Walks”

  5. Engaging Oakland City Council Representatives around development by bringing historic residents to the table at city planning meetings for the Oakland Flatlands, specifically District 1

  6. Engaging partners in building tools and best practices for food justice work that does not contribute and pave the way for displacement


During 2014 the council will :


  1. Initiate quarterly restorative justice community sessions at Bethany Baptist Church

  2. Finish a documentary with Bay Area Video Coalition capturing stories from new and old residents about the history of North Oakland and how to make it safer

  3. Build a community safety text alert system with 1,000 community subscribers to engage Oakland residents around direct community action that builds neighborhood safety using restorative justice principles

  4. Host as needed community memorial fruit tree plantings across North Oakland in partnership

  5. Work to support the “Economic-development Without Displacement” committee that engages 10 North Oakland Residents and members of Bethany Baptist Church in preparing a comprehensive plan to present to District 1 Council Member Kalb to shape their San Pablo Corridor Revitalization Project


Online Platforms for getting involved:


Join our Community Safety and Action text alert: text Northoakland to 69302 or click  here

Join our Anti-Displacement/Community Safety Listserve:  North Oakland Anti-Displacement Listserve