Group tours/workdays!

We love to host community groups, schools, and conference tours at the Dover St Edible Park home of the Healthy Hearts Garden and Fresh Fellows Youth Program.

We offer a wide range of tours, garden talks, and catering (from our Kitchen Incubation Program) for visiting groups.  Our usually Food Justice Park tour takes 45 mins-1hour and then 1-2 hour work party(optional).  The tour covers the following:

  • What is food justice?
  • Understanding racism in the food system
  • Building just institutional food systems in hospitals
  • Big pharmaceuticals profiting of youth suffering from diet related illness in every step of the food system
  • Roots of the food justice movement- the Black Panthers in North Oakland and the Free Breakfast Program
  • Role of Restorative Justice in building a just food system
In addition we offer catering for visiting groups.  Everything from fruit to salads, to full lunch spreads from our healthy food business incubation program (Kitchen Incubator Program).

We ask for visiting groups to either sponsor a garden project or make a donation to cover the cost of our staff member and to provide funding support for our Fresh Fellows youth program (we also offer waivers, see bottom of the page):

  • 2-5 Visitors- $75 donation or project
  • 6-12 Visitors- $125 donation or project
  • 13-18 Visitors- $175 donation or project
  • 18+- $200 plus

Below are the groups we offer fee waivers:

  • Public schools from North Oakland, West Oakland, and East Oakland
  • Visiting activist or organizing groups from communities that organize in similar communities
  • Allied organizations

Feel free to contact or 510-689-3068 to set-up a tour