Get Plugged In With The Beets!-

To be added to our volunteer list click here and you’ll get a monthly update.  Contact our coordinators individually below.  To speak with our volunteer coordinator email heather at volunteer@phatbeetsproduce.org

  1. CSA Packing Produce-To help with the Beet Box CSA Saturdays 9-4pm or Tuesday 1:30-4pm email csa@phatbeetsproduce.org with Volunteer in the title (Mona is our CSA Coordinator)
  2. Helping with Feel the Beet! Saturday Market- Help with all sorts of work at the Saturday Farmers market next to Destiny Arts Center in North Oakland.  Learn the in’s and out’s of running a integrated food justice farmers market.  Email market@phatbeetsproduce.org.  Opportunities from 7:30-5pm
  3. Food N’ Justice Workshops- Help promote and coordinate our free weekly popular education series every Saturday 10-1pm, outreach and booking opps available during the week.  Email max@phatbeetsproduce.org
  4. Dover St Edible Park- Volunteer in this 1/4 acre edible park in North Oakland.  Workdays days on Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.  Email garden@phatbeetsproduce.org
  5. Phat Beetz Youth Pickle Co- Support this youth business! Help with marketing, making products, deliveries and more.  Email pickle@phatbeetsproduce.org
  6. Outreach and Double EBT- Get the word out about all our programs!  Help with online and street outreach.  Email asia@phatbeetsproduce.org
  7. Office Work- To help with data input and management of systems email britt@phatbeetsproduce.org
  8. Kitchen Incubator Program-Help with our small healthy food business incubation program every Saturday and with outreach during the week.  Email Susan@phatbeetsproduce.org
  9. North Oakland Restorative Justice Council- Help with outreach and organizing around implementing restorative justice policies for our youth and our community in North Oakland.  Email northoaklandrestorativejustice@gmail.com or visit www.northoaklandrestorativejustice.org