The Phat Beets Allyship (internship) Program


Please see the links at the bottom of the page for descriptions of the various Allyship positions available this Fall.

The Application period is now open.  Deadlines are  Jan 5th, 2017 or until full.

**Please note** All positions are unpaid but fresh produce is available. Please include in your application email if having compensation in the form of regular, weekly produce would be a necessity for you.

Overview of the Phat Beets Allyship (Internship) Program

The Phat Beets Allyship is based on the framework of a traditional internship program with an emphasis on supporting local leaders.  The positions are called Allyships instead of Internships because Allies work alongside community in a supportive role and not necessarily in a leadership role.  Allyships generally require a minimum commitment of around 10 hours per week for 3 months.  Allies should finish the Allyship with a better understanding of what goes into funding a collective, community-based organization as well as a better understanding of how to create equitable farmers’ markets, and basic themes of food justice

 Allyship (internship) Positions for Winter 2017

(click on the title for description)

Market Match/Double EBT Internship/Allyship: @ a pilot program to process EBT and double the value of the EBT at 3 OUSD After School Produce Stands

Edible Internship/Allyship : Edible Landscaping and small farm management on public land across 4 Oakland Sites including a 1 acre school farm

Beet Box Equitable CSA Internship/Allyship:  Learn the ins and outs of running a small equitable csa and prescription veggie program

Youth Entrepreneurship/Restorative Economics– email for more info



Please send both of the following in an email to

1. Resume, OR if you don’t have a resume, please write us a short letter telling us a bit about yourself and what sorts of experiences or interests have led you to apply for this position.

2. Responses to the following questions in an email to:

  • What does food justice mean to you?
  • What does being an ‘ally’ mean to you?
  • What do you feel you will bring and what are you hoping to take from this particular Allyship position?

Please include your name and the position you are applying for in the subject line of email. We look forward to hearing from you!