General Donation to Phat Beets Produce

Phat Beets Produce is a fiscally sponsored project of PUEBLO, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Our work cannot exist without your support. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation. Any amount helps, and will be put to good use.

Become a Member of  Phat Beets Produce

Members help sustain the mission of Phat Beets Produce with a yearly 1x contribution. Members get invited to our annual dinner, a gift, and a 10% discount on all Phat Beets Produce Brand Products.  To see what each membership supports click here.


Support Dover Edible Park n’ Fresh Fellow Youth Program

Your donation will go towards sustaining the Fresh Fellows Youth Program, a food justice garden program that engages youth at risk of diet related illness from the Healthy Hearts Clinic at Children’s Hospital Oakland.  The program is hosted at our Dover St. Edible Park, which is a 1/4 unfenced garden and food forest in North Oakland located inside of the Dover St. Park.

Become a Monthly Sustainer of Phat Beets Produce

Become a Phat Beets Monthly Sustainer today! Your recurring donation will not only support us in continuing to provide green jobs in this tough economy for historic residents of Oakland, but it will also help us strengthen our six current food justice programs, including two produce stands, two farmers markets, our Beet Box CSA program and finally our Healthy Hearts Garden at Dover Park, the country’s first and only city park-garden connected to a local hospital clinic. Finally, with your financial support, you will join Phat Beets Produce in the local, national and global struggle to make healthy food and land not a privilege but a human right for all!
Donation Amount

Buy a Beet Box for Ken

Support North Oakland Resident Ken Shandy lose 250lbs this year.  He has asked Phat Beets Produce to raise funds for a year of Beet Box CSA Produce Boxes which cost $15 for a half share and $25 for a full share.

Produce for Panthers

Phat Beets Produce has been asked by the Black Riders Liberation Party to provide produce for their community feeding program in Oakland and your donation will go 100% to providing organic produce from farmers of color for their program.  Formed in the crucible of YTS (Youth Training School in Chino, California) prison, the groundwork for the resurrection of the Black Panther Party – under the official name Black Riders Liberation Party – was created. The formulation of a Black Commune program inside called for many of the points of the original BPP 10 point platform plus some new points: 1) the demand for proper medical care for AIDS victims and 2) an immediate end to the smuggling of crack cocaine into the Black community.

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