Edible Internship

Edible Internship

  • Starts Sept 12th 2016- Dec 15th
  • Apply by Aug 30th
  • 15-30hrs per week
  • Unpaid

Locations of Program: Dover St Edible Park, Temescal Library Food Forest, Driver Plaza commUNITY Orchard, Castlemont High School 1 Acre Farm (North Oakland and East Oakland).  Partner orgs include Phat Beets Produce, Self Help Hunger Program, Sustainable Urban Design Academy @ Castlemont, Temescal Library.

Participants in this program must chose 3 days to participate depending on their interest and area of focus.  Participants will receive free produce and hands on instruction and starts in addition to some handouts and a certificate of completion.  This internship provides a wide range of experience in both edible landscaping, edible perennial greenhouse production and food forest installation in extremely open and public spaces as well as hands on bio-intensive farming at Castlemont High School Farm.  Participants will get to see another side of “urban agriculture” and explore what Urban Greening in Community Means with a focus on greening for empowerment and community rooting not urban greening for displacement masked as “beautification”.  Most of the learning will be hands on, ie installation, maintenance and community workdays.  There will be supplemental handouts and on-site instruction.

  • Monday: Castlemont High School 1 acre farm (11-6pm)
  • Tuesday: Temescal Public Library Food Forest (3-6pm)
  • Wednesday: Dover St Edible Park (1:30-5:30pm)-include greenhouse production
  • Thursday: Castlemont High School Farm (11-6pm) with the Sustainable Urban Design Academy @Castlemont High School
  • Saturday: Temescal Public Library Food Forest (2-5pm)
  • Sunday: Dover St Edible Park and/or Driver Plaza commUNITY Orchard-Self Help Hunger Program (11-2pm)

If you are interested in applying for being part of the fall 2016 co-hort please email max@phatbeetsproduce.org by Aug 30th.


  • Your name
  • Contact info
  • Previous experience in urban greening or agriculture
  • What days you can participate
  • What you hope to learn
  • What skills you bring