Phat Beets Position on Gentrification

To read our full statement on gentrification, please click here.


While Phat Beets is a food justice collective whose mission is to support small farmers and farmers of color by connecting them to urban communities such as North Oakland through farmers markets, produce stands and market gardens, we are much more than what our mission statement describes. Because many forms of injustice intersect and reinforce one another, it is crucial that Phat Beets works across many different issues – including both food and housing justice – to not only support those most affected by these problems but also to eradicate the causes of them in the first place. This is why Phat Beets has chosen to address, challenge and resist gentrification in North Oakland.

Gentrification is in fact not a naturally occurring process but rather a politically deliberate program set in motion by real estate companies, developers, big business, government officials and police. All of these entities together function to displace mostly poor and working class people of color from urban areas, thus making room for new, more affluent residents that generate revenue for those financially invested in the neighborhood.

Phat Beets supports a full and sustained investment from the City of Oakland to meet community needs, including equitable food systems, land for farming within Oakland, culturally relevant schooling that teaches the truth about our histories and herstories, stable, healthy and dignified jobs and job training programs, subsidized and affordable housing and care for those who need it, and finally, social programs that provide our young people with the resources and opportunities they need to thrive in the ways they see fit for themselves and their communities.


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